2021 Qualifiers and Finals



7.-9.5.2021 in Espoo, Finland

UNBROK‍‍‍EN - Bigger than ever before!

UNBROKEN Competition will be renewed and become even bigger!

UNBROKEN Event will grow as a three day competion and there will be big amount of new categories. The open category will get ELITE and RX groups so that even larger scale of competitors have a possibility to get into the finals. In addition, there are new master groups like 35+, 45+ as well as the 40+ group that was competed already last year. Also Teens <20 will be added into the competition.

UNBROKEN 2021 Qualifier 25.1.-8.2.2021

UNBROKEN2021 Finals 7.-9.5.2021 in Espoo, Finland

Unbroken is an open event organized by CrossFit 8000.
Anybody – independent of nationality or affiliation – can participate.
You will be able to sign up for the Qualifier from the end of January until the end of Qualifier.


The Unbroken Qualifier will be published on these pages and in reppi.fi competition system on Monday, 25th of January 2021 and must be performed by 8th of February at 11:59.


The 20 best men and 20 best women of the Qualifier will compete in Unbroken 2021 Elite group and 30 men and 30 women in RX category. In addtition there will be Masters 35+, 40+ and 45+ categories and Teens <20 as well.
Finals will take place on the 7th, 8th, 9th of May 2021 in Capital area of Finland. It is three day event that will test the athletes’ mental and physical limits through a variety of challenges. More details will be announced closer to the competition.

Are You Unbroken?

The Events will not be announced in advance, so be prepared to cope with a most diverse variety of physical challenges. Only your imagination is the limit.
Attitude is everything.


UNBROKEN 2021 OnLine Qualifier 25.1.-8.2.2021

UNBROKEN 2021 powered by Puhdistamo Finals 7.-9.5.2021 in Espoo, Finland


ELITE – OPEN: 20 best of the qualifier

RX – OPEN: 30 competitors

TEENS <20: 10 competitors

MASTERS 35+: 10 competitors

MASTERS 40+: 10 competitors

MASTERS 45+: 5 competitors